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Best 5 Keyborads

 By Brian North, 5Bestthings.com Channel Writer
In this list we will review the best keyboards in the market, basic keyboard that gets the job done to a high-end keyboard that does it all, you can find something that fits your budget and needs., even There are dozens of keyboard models and layouts on the market out there, from the Wired or wireless keyboard, Light-powered keyboard to the Hand happiness, we also recommand our visitors to check our other listing so you can find the best keyboard that fit your needs and budget.

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1. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 With sleek lines and a thin profile and including Light-powered keyboard, charges itself whenever there’s light—and stays charged for at least three months in total darkness, adding to that Unifying receiver and Customizable function keyes. this Keyboard is close to a perfect balance of design, price, and performance. make it our first choose as the best Keyboard out there Price $78

2. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is a solid keyboard with ergonomic designs to rest your wrists against the plush palm rest in a relaxed, and customizable buttons to reach files, folders, and web pages with handy hot keys. For close-in tasks.. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is usually between $19.95 and $50 dollars

3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

If you’re looking for a very basic but comfortable keyboard, the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 is a good choice. with Wave-shaped key frame, and with Logitech Unifying receiver so you can you can easily add a compatible wireless mouse without the hassle of multiple USB receivers its base price of $55

4. Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Sleek, low-profile keyboard provide a quiet typing experience with full-size F-keys and number pad. Accidental drips and spills drain out of the keyboard with a smooth spill-resistant design. you can work or play anytime with laser-etched, backlit keys that are bright enough to let you type in the dark., adjustable tilt legs allow for personal ergonomic adjustment and needs. Starting Price $77.8

5. Logitech G19

For Gammers: The Logitech G series gaming keyboards have long been considered the gold standard among premium gaming peripherals. This is because of the very large number of macro keys that are available on the keyboard . Starting Price $199

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